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Who We Are

The Fraternal Order of Police stands as the world’s largest association of sworn law enforcement professionals, boasting over 325,000 members across more than 2,100 lodges. We serve as the unwavering advocates for those who dedicate their lives to safeguarding and serving our communities. Our steadfast commitment lies in enhancing the working conditions of law enforcement officers and ensuring the safety of the communities we protect. We achieve this through a multifaceted approach encompassing education, legislation, information, active community engagement, and the diligent representation of employees. As fellow officers, we uniquely understand the perils and challenges that today’s police officers face, and it’s the FOP that possesses an unparalleled depth of insight into the lives of these dedicated professionals.

How To Join

To become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), eligibility requires current or past affiliation with law enforcement. If you meet this criterion, simply click the button below to access the application form. Upon submission, your application will undergo a thorough review.

Cops and Kids

Year after year, dedicated law enforcement officers from the Fredericksburg area unite for the Cops and Kids event, spreading joy and support to local children. This long-standing tradition has consistently delivered success, ensuring the spirit of giving endures. Notably, the Lodge mailed over 150 gifts to children in the area, all made possible by the generous contributions of our donors. Your support will keep this tradition alive, bringing smiles to countless young faces in our community. Join us in making a real and lasting impact today!

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Elevate your local business by sponsoring FOP Lodge 15 and securing a prime spot on our prestigious digital billboard, positioning your brand alongside industry giants such as Target, Mercedes, Nissan, and Holiday Inn. With daily impressions in our community, your business will gain exposure, while reinforcing your reputation as a socially responsible company. By supporting FOP Lodge 15, you not only boost your business but also invest in your community’s well-being. Donate to us online today and seize this opportunity to shine as a responsible corporate leader in your community.

Support The Community

The Cops and Kids event is a lifeline for families in need, thanks to the unwavering dedication of law enforcement officers from the Fredericksburg area, donors and local business sponsors. This heartwarming tradition provides vital support, spreading joy and warmth to local children. The impact of this event reaches far beyond gifts; it’s a testament to the incredible difference a community can make when they come together. Join us in making a lasting impact and bringing smiles to countless young faces in our community. Your support is a lifeline for those in need.

Recent News

FOP lodge 15 hosts and puts on multiple community events every year. One of which is our Cops and Kids event where dozens of law enforcement officers form the Fredericksburg area get together to hold the annual Cops and Kids event. This has a been a very successful project for the past 28 years. Even in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was happening and there could be no large gatherings.  The Lodge mailed over 150 gifts to children in the area. This was made possible by our Donors.

The Cops and Kids event, organized by dedicated law enforcement officers in the Fredericksburg area, has consistently provided joy and support to local children. This heartwarming tradition underscores the importance of community solidarity and relies on the generosity of donors to make these special moments possible. Your donation ensures that this cherished event continues to brighten the lives of children in our community, fostering a sense of unity and happiness.

FOP Lodge 15 annually awards academic scholarships to high school graduates, embodying their dedication to nurturing the dreams of the next generation. In 2020, they raised over $20,000 for the Leach-Harrell scholarships, reflecting both the lodge’s steadfast support for education and the community’s generosity. These scholarships provide promising students with the opportunity to pursue higher education and contribute to the betterment of society.

Where We Are Located

Our Lodge is Available for Rent 

Our lodge offers a versatile and welcoming space that is available for rent to host a wide range of events, from birthday parties to special gatherings and celebrations. Whether you’re planning a family get-together, a corporate event, or any occasion worth celebrating, our facility provides the perfect setting. Click the button below to get more details and explore how our lodge can help you create memorable moments for your next event. We look forward to making your occasion exceptional and stress-free.

Academic Scholarships

The fraternal order of police and lodge 15 helped raise money to give kids academic scholarships. In 2020 lodge 15 raised over $20,000 for the Leach-Harrell scholarships. To the left are a few recipients and click the button below to see all 2020 Leach-Harrell scholarship recipients.